Old Things Collection

Ashes to Ashes… Dust to Dust

During my travels around the country, regardless of what I intend to photograph, I always keep an eye out for those “old things” that I come across that are in the last throws of existence including houses, barns, cars and trucks, old cemeteries, etc. Often the shapes, colors and textures of these decaying relics are fascinating photographic subjects, but I can’t help but think back to a time when that house was probably the center of a family’s life, or that a once shiny new car was someone’s pride and joy. Now these “old things” sit abandoned and forgotten, struggling against the elements in their last gasp of materiality, soon to return to the earth… just dust once more. I think about how each had a history, but the mystery of not knowing the nature of its past inspires me to try and capture the essence of what little remains. In any case, these things are just fun to photograph and wonder at.

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