The Ghost Show

I have 2 photographs included in this art exhibit…

Methodist Church – Bodie “Ghost Town”

Bodie, in eastern California, became a mining “boomtown” about 1877 and faded into a ghost town during the 1940s. Bodie was so lawless that in 1881 it was described as “… a sea of sin, lashed by the tempests of lust and passion.” Bodie was known for its perils and hardships including mining accidents, lawlessness, brutal winters, and disease outbreaks. It is perhaps not surprising that one little girl, whose family was moving to the mining town, reportedly said, “Goodbye God! We are going to Bodie.” As I wandered the streets, I could feel her spirit. The cemetery on the nearby hill is filled with lost souls.

Chief Kashakes House

The house of Chief Kashakes Clan (Eagle Tail House) was built in 1895 in Saxman south of Ketchikan, Alaska. Four Chief Kashakes lived in the house for the next 90 years. The fourth Chief Kashakes (Henry Denny) died in 1979. Since a fire in the top floor in 1984, the house has remained abandoned. I heard it told that the house remains untouched to respect the spirits of the Kashakes Chiefs.

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